I am Sten, a Dutch-German videographer and motion designer living in southwest London. During my university studies of European Law and later Public Policy in Maastricht, The Netherlands, I discovered my passion for communication through a different medium: Video. After I finished my studies, I dove straight into motion design and videography to deepen my knowledge, skill and passion.
Add a little bit of photography for fun, and you'll be hard-pressed seeing me walk around without a camera.
You might wonder, why switch from Law and Policy into videography?
The reason is quite simple.
In the end, the knowledge we have and acquire through research is of no use if we cannot communicate it effectively. While research papers and articles canĀ  be a good way, images and in particular video, are superior ways to get your message across.
So I wondered: Why don't I combine the skills I learnt in my studies with my passion for videography to create more effective ways of communication?
Welcome to my world.
Using illustration, animation, motion design, imagery, video, sound and my voice, I create tailor-made videos for all your needs.
Please feel free to browse around. There are more projects under the Exclusives tab, but that I cannot make publicly available - please contact me to get a peek.

I would love to work together with you to bring your message across in a better way. Contact me now for any inquiries or questions at info@stenslens.com!
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