Dr. Melissa Siegel is a migration professor at research institute UNU-MERIT and runs a YouTube channel about all things migration. Since March 2023, I've had the pleasure of working together with her on these videos. She validates the scripts and does the voiceover and camera recording, while I do the rest. From storyboarding, illustration and asset preparation to editing, animation, and audio. I finalize it with a custom thumbnail, source references, subtitles and timestamps. 
Some are fully animated videos, while others are a mix of her on camera and animated sections. We aim to make at least 2 videos per month, so turnovers are quite short, meaning complexity and intricacy of the animations is also reduced.
The collaboration has been evolving over the past few months to where I now also work more on the scripts from the beginning to gain a deeper understanding of the material and to adapt it better to the medium of video and animation.
Below a selection of the videos so far.

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